Best Free Graphic Design Programs

The truth is that professional graphic designers will hardly find an adequate substitute for Adobe products, but fortunately, there are various applications that provide just as good terrain for practicing or even professional graphic designing that are available for free download. More important, these applications integrate a wide range of functions necessary for designing, just like any other costly software and the resulting work won’t get their watermark on. Here is some useful suggestion for free graphic design software.[[[

Inkscape for vector graphics

Inkscape for vector graphicsCompared to Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape is quite a solid replacement. This powerful and completely free to download application integrates myriad of advanced tools, effects, and complex operations required for creating and editing vector graphics. This free vector editing software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and its major format is Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).sdfvds perfect for data visualization

Visualization of data or creating various types of infographics may be done in many ways, but is an application specifically designed for that. It integrates a wide range of templates, shapes, advanced tools and other powerful functions that will enable you to express your creativity and present all the data in a precise manner. Completed infographics are downloadable in .jpg or pdf format without any watermark on them.

GIMP – powerful photo editor

While working on any graphic designing project, the chances are you’ll have to deal with editing photos, creating a digital painting or assembling several photo elements. GIMP is a fantastic designing application with the large scale of comprehensive tools and functions enabling you to experiment with photos and get the most out of their true value. It is easy to use, systematic and stands as a solid opponent to Photoshop. With all of its brushes, filters, layers, mask functions and many other tools, you’ll get the wide new field to explore the graphic designing process.