Design News for Web, Graphic Designers

The whole field of graphic and web designing is constantly keeping up with speedy changes in modern technology, adjusting trends and modifying approaches towards different topics. Some changes are required and imposed by advanced technology, especially displaying devices, while other changes are the mere seasonal changes of trends, styles and popular things in designing. Somewhat like fashion styles. Here are some of the latest popular trends and news happening in the world of graphic designing currently.

Bold and bright colors

Design News for Web, Graphic DesignersContrary to dominating trend of using safe, neutral and low-volume colors that was accepted for years so far, new trends are promoting bold, bright and loud color matchings placed on the neutral background. The idea is not to use flashy or cheap combinations, but to go with plane shape and clear, accented colors. This trend is particularly welcomed by some designers who prefer using minimalistic shapes and graphic solutions, because it allows them to express more freely while staying within their modest boundaries of few details.

Daring typography

Similar to pushing limits with colors used in web design, new trends promote using big, bold and attention-grabbing fonts. Typography is being placed more into the center of the total design, instead of just sending a message of the content. Google fonts are a weapon of choice.

Namely, Google fonts include over 800 free types of fonts that are rather versatile and fit fine onto various blogs, webpages of other kinds and finally mobile devices used for reaching the online content. Sticking typographic styles should fit perfectly with minimalistic backgrounds that are becoming popular again.

Graphics and icons

One of the most intriguing changes and news in the world of graphic and web design refers to introducing of hand-drawn graphics and icons. This is mostly due to an increased need for authentic images and photos. Thus many brands are centering their logo designs around drawn symbols. This will make web design more personal and intimate overall and promote utilization of some not so popular so far designing applications. Many companies have already embraced this trend taking advantage of it to stand out and differ, although the voices calling this sloppy or immature may be heard here and there.